Sandy shorts and microwave S´mores

For me, spring break was the best time I´ve had in America so far. I learned hundreds of new words, made new friends, saw beautiful landscapes und went to Chicago: just in two weeks. I could rave about the personal experiences I made during spring break forever, so I just will just write about two days I will probably never forget. 

April fool and Easter fail

On the morning of April 1st, Easter Sunday, we left the house at 10 am to attend church in Muncie, like every Sunday morning. At this church there are doughnuts and fruits to eat before the service starts, which is an excelent motivation to go to church in the morning, I think! 

A Thursday in Chicago

On Thursday the 29th of March the entire GAPP-Group accompanied by some Americans went to Chicago.

Saturday under water (03/31)

Taylor, Laura and myself woke up at 6am. We packed our luggage and ate something for breakfast. At 8am the bus left and we drove to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. 

My experiences in Florida

I actually don’t want to start my “documentation” directly in Florida but in Indiana because if you go on vacation you still have to get, where you want to spend your vacation. To do this in my case, we had to go on a 17 hours car ride. 

A day in Chicago (March 30, 2018)

We spent our day in Chicago. After eating breakfast all the GAPP students met in the lobby of the hotel. With a bus we left to make a tour with a tour guide through Chicago.

Honeymoon in French Lick

From Monday, March 26 until Wednesday, March 28, we visited the waterpark big splash in French Lick.

Trip to Chicago (April 30, 2018)

In the morning my host sister Josi and I woke up in our hotel room and had McDonald‘s for breakfast. As Josi had her birthday on Thursday and her family spent the day with us in Chicago we weren’t in a hotel with the others. 

Welcome and Happy Birthday! (27 March)

Tuesday was a special day. Let’s start at the beginning. At about 9:30 am Francesca and I were woken up by some noises on the corridor.