On Sunday, April 10th we prepared a little program to say “thank you and to say good bye” like Lara said. We started with a welcome song in 3 different languages (German, Spanish& English) Musical?. The difficult job about this song was the sentence “happy to see you” in Spanish, which was way to long for the rhythm.

Tim Bartel

My spring break

Actually my spring break started Friday evening … we left Indiana for Virginia where we spent our one week spring break vacation!  After a long 9 hours car drive we finally arrived at our little vacation apartment in Massanutten at 5 o’ clock in the morning.  The next day we slept in and when we wake up, everything was covered with snow.  We couldn’t believe it, it was supposed to be a SPRING vacation!  But anyways, we exploited the white surprise to go snow tubing, which was really funny. 

I really enjoyed my Spring Break. I had much fun with my host family and my friends. One of my favorite activities was the Pacers game. I loved and enjoyed it, because I have never seen a NBA game before. I was very happy to see this game. Also playing Laser Tag was fun! I was better than I thought and I think I was one of the best. After a while Cyndi was so mad on me, because I killed her all the time (;. We played three games and my team won two of them.

My host parents rented a beautiful cabin in the woods in North Carolina, where we spent the Easter weekend together with the whole family. In the morning on Easter Sunday. My host mum Judy distributed some Easter themed bags. Which she had filled with typical American Easter candy. She had one bag for everyone and it was almost everything l ate for breakfast. After we finished eating, we tried to figure out, what to do on our last day in North Carolina. We decided to split the group: one half went hiking and Benny, my host brother Tom, his sister-in-law Steffi and me wanted to go Zip lining.

On Sunday we started our second try to go up to the Willis tower for having a wonderful wide view all over Chicago from the Skydeck. Fortunately we had amazing weather conditions and the tower was opened. But what is that for a tower and why is this skyscraper so popular?

The Willis Tower is the premier corporate office building in Chicago and home to more than 100 companies including prominent law, insurance, transportation and financial services. The iconic building is with 520 meters the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. This tower has a combined weight of 222,500 tons and about 4.5 million gross square feet of floor space, which are roughly 101 football fields.

I spend my spring break at home. I did a lot with my family and with my friends. In the first week we played laser tag on Tuesday with a few GAPP students, had a movie night on Wednesday at the house from my host family, I watched a basketball game on Thursday and a hockey game on Friday and we celebrated Easter together with the family on Sunday. I got so many presents from my family and we had a great time. In the second week we watched Batman verses Superman, had a game night, went bowling and went to Chicago with the whole GAPP group. Chicago was the best part if the whole break but I also really liked all the other things we did. On Wednesday in the second week of the break we had a game night.

My spring break in America was similar to my usual breaks in Germany. There were days where we were lazy and relaxed and stayed home and there were days where we were active and did something. On the first Saturday of spring break, we picked Alyssa’s boyfriend up and we drove to an estate sale. I have never been at an estate sale before because we don’t have it in Germany and I liked it very much, I wished we have something like that in German because it is really interesting to walk around in the house and see into the life from an unfamiliar person. The next days we were lazy and stayed home, we watched a lot of black-and-white movies. On Tuesday the GAPP-group met and we played Laser Tag and in the evening we had a bonfire. On Wednesday Alyssa and I spent the day with her oldest sister Michelle and her friend.

Sunday, we had our Welcome Reception at the Alexandria Monroe High School. Originally, it should start at 2.30 p.m., but because there was the memorial service of Joey Martin Feak, a famous country singer from Alexandria, the party was postponed to 6.30 p.m. Mrs. Dunn (my host mom) prepared very delicious muffins and meatballs and I was allowed to try some of her muffins before the Welcome Reception started. We left the house at 5.40 p.m. It had been raining the entire day, but when we left, the sun finally showed up. After we had arrived at the school, we helped putting up the buffet. There I also met Levi and his mom.

At the first weekend of spring break, we've been to the Texas Roadhouse. First, we had to wait about 30 minutes until we got a table for 6 people. Before we got our meal, we had a big plate with fried onions, fried pickles and sweat bread. Me and Laura (another German student in my family) were almost full before our real meal. After we finished eating, a waitress with a saddle came to our table and I had to sit on it, because my host family told her, that this day was my birthday (it wasn't). My name was called in the whole restaurant and everybody said „yeeha!“.

I think, I'll never forget this.

Tim Bartel

On the first Sunday of our Spring Break Jeff (dad), Bailey and I went to Nashville (IN), because of a college visit. While driving Bailey and I fell asleep and the GPS gave us the wrong way. We were lost and out of gas. Furthermore, nobody had a signal on their phones, which is a huge problem in the current generation... When we arrived at our hotel we slept, because we had to get up early on Monday morning. At Indiana University Bloomington we listened to a presentation which was about college life, school and free time activities. After that we had a tour, lead by a senior at the college. I realized how big the campus is. The senior said he needs about one hour to walk from first to second class, because it is in a different building. In general it is a beautiful campus, but I think it is too big.