My Saturday

 Then we got hungry, so we started to search for a snack. We found a restaurant where we got some sandwiches. I took a sandwich with chicken, salad and a bottle of water. It was really delicious!

After that, we decided to go to the dolphins. I never saw a dolphin in real life before, so I was excited that I can see them now. We were in an underwater bubble. It was amazing, because the dolphins were over and under us! They are really pretty and elegant! Then we went to the lions and the tiger. The tiger that was sitting there was really impressing. An optimal photo object. But we couldn`t see the lions, because they were laying behind a rock. After that Katie and I decided to go home with Melissa (Katie`s mom), Jasmine and Leonie, because we wanted to go to a concert later.

At 6.00 p.m., after we had eaten a little bit at home, Katie and I drove with her parents back to Indianapolis to go to the concert for Melanie Martinez. She is a young woman, who has come popular through the TV show “The Voice”. There was a huge line. We had to wait 40 minutes before we could go in. The concert starts at 8.00 p.m. with an opening act. After that, we had to wait a few minutes until Melanie Martinez comes. She is a really good singer and I like her voice! But I had never heard of her in Germany before. The concert was really good and the atmosphere was amazing! But I was a little bit tired, because of the jet lag.

In conclusion. I can say that my Saturday was pretty good. Although I was a little bit tired, I enjoyed everything.


Melina Domann