My first day at school

Next, Katie picked me up and we went to ICP, which is integrated chemistry and physics. While ICP, we nearly did anything. Everyone got a worksheet, but the teacher didn`t say anything and the students talked to each other all the time, which was kind of weird for me. After ICP, we had geometry. We worked on some tasks with the notebook and I actually could help! Usually, I`m not very good at math, but this tasks really were easy to solve! 

Afterwards, we went to the German class, which was really funny. We – Moritz, Melina, Lara and me, who had German together - got to introduce ourselves (In German!). This nearly took us the whole lesson, so we just talked about Friday afterwards, because everyone is going to bring German food to school then. In the middle of German class, we went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. I have to say, the food tastes much better then at our school! Also, I got introduced to some of Katie`s friends and we had a really nice chat. When we returned to German class, we continued watching a movie. 

After German, we went to Nutrition class which I was most excited about because Katie told me that this class is all about cooking and baking things. Unfortunately,  I got kind of disappointed because (at least today) this class was really boring. We just solved a word search puzzle while watching a documentary about athletics who gain a lot of weight and then regain it. But tomorrow, we hopefully going to cook something! 

When nutrition was over, I went to the library where I spent 6th and 7th period with some other people from the GAPP-group writing our articles and reading some books, because the US-history class (which I would have had normally) was already full. 

So in conclusion, I`d like to say that this day was much better than I expected it to be! Even if a lot of people stared at us and I felt kind of insecure and lost sometimes, it still was great experiencing and exploring the school life at this High School, because it is totally different from the German everyday routine of a student. There is a totally different working atmosphere and nearly everyone I talked to was really open-minded and nice! 

Hannah Gajowiy