Trip to Indiana


We got three meals in the plain: breakfast, lunch and an additional meal before we left the plain. For breakfast we had a muesli bar and some crackers, for lunch you were able to choose between chicken and pasta and I opted for pasta, as I thought plane chicken wouldn’t taste that good. The last meal consists of a piece of cake, a piece of curry chicken and an egg salad. They served us with a lot of drinks during the flight. As a conclusion I would say that we didn’t starve on in the plane! After we landed in Chicago, we had to go through a security check again. They asked a lot of questions about our trip but everyone managed to get through this real quick. We picked up our luggage and went to the bus which was right in front of the airport. There was just one problem: all of us wanted to be in the Wi-Fi of the bus but just some of us managed to get into it. For me it worked after one and a half hour of an exhausting bus trip from Chicago to Alexandria. The trip took again three and a half hours. We saw a lot of empty cities and fields. We were greeted by our host – families when we arrived at the Alexandrian High School. My greeting was a bit weird. There was a distance between me and my host – family. We just shook hands. Then I entered their car and we drove home. During the drive we had a bit of small talk about my trip to the US. Right after I unpacked my luggage, we went to a typical American diner where we had a large pizza while we watched a basketball match. After we got home I went to bed as I was really tired from travelling. 

Daniel Tolg