Our trip to America


When we finally got on the plane we all searched for our seats and Laura’s nightmare came true. Next to her was a man. Well that’s not the “problem”. The man’s face was full of piercings and his legs were full of tattoos. Luckily she could change seats with someone else.  We flew over 9 hours and in that time we could watch movies, listen to music or talk to our friends. I watched 2 movies: “Maze runners” and “Codename U.N.C.L.E”.

At one pm we landed and soon after that we could get our suitcases. We got on the bus and then we drove 4 more hours to Alexandria. The moment we got to the school we were super nervous. The host families waited for us. Most of them had big posters with our names on. I was so excited, nervous and happy to be here. So we got out of the bus and searched for our host family and when we finally met them we hugged them! After that the host families took us and we went home. On the way home my host family asked me some questions and I think all the others did too.

Article by Solly