Visiting the zoo in Indianapolis


First we visited the ocean part of the zoo. There were a few marine creatures in huge aquariums. The best attraction inside the ocean part was a huge shark pool.We were allowed to touch the sharks and some of the students did. After that we visited some more animals like bears, lions, monkeys and elephants. My host sister Cierra and I rode a tiny train that drove around the whole zoo. The best attraction at the zoo was the dolphin show. It started at 2:30 pm. They played piano versions of popular songs and the dolphins did tricks. It was Tom’s birthday so he had the chance to do some tricks together with the dolphins.

After that we visited a butterfly house. I was very excited to see the butterflies. We searched for the butterflies about ten minutes but we didn’t found any butterflies. That was sad but no problem because the rest of the day was pretty nice.

Laura Uhlmann