Sister Act 2


It was “Sister Act 2”. The musical is about Delores who wants to become a singer. But after she saw how a guy was shot she has to hide in a church full of nuns. She is introduced as Sister Mary Clarence and shows the nuns how to sing with soul. But after she was found by the bad guys she has to leave the church fast. The audience was just old people and another school class. Before the musical started there was a kind of unofficial competition. The MC’s introduced several groups who have to clap as loud as they can. So the seniors where quiet weak at this competition. When we were introduced we clapped as loud as we could and I think we won this little game. I didn’t know the musical or the movie so I was curious about it. I like musicals because singing and acting is combined. The actors sang really well so everybody got goose bumps. The show was about two hours with a little break in between. The actors sang quiet famous songs like “Take Me to Heaven” or “Sister Act” which I knew even without watching the musical or the movie before. I liked the musical and even it was in English I understood it really well. It was a funny musical with up and downs and awesome singers and actors. I would recommend this musical to everybody who likes comedy and singing. All in all I think it was an enjoyable day for the GAPP-group which will stay in the memory for a long time.


Malin Schneider