Our first weekend with the host families


On Saturday morning, at 8 a.m., Sarah had prepared waffles for Leah, Brayden and me. When we finished breakfast, Sarah took Leah and me to a little trip to discover the environment. At first we went to Anderson and bought a coffee from Starbucks. Actually this was the first coffee I really liked! Then we drove to a small waterfall where we took some pictures. That was really nice, I`m glad my host family like to take pictures as much as me! The landscape was really beautiful, huge fields and meadows and small wooden houses. On Saturday I was feeling like I was in a movie! We also bought some tasty food that my host family never ate before. After that Leah had a choir practice and I went with her. The girls in the choir can sing so well! When they finished practicing we the school bus drove us to a high school in another town where they had a performance and got tips by a judge. I really liked the songs and after the performance, Sarah picked Leah and me up and we went to Muncie where we went to a restaurant and ordered potatoes that were stuffed with vegetables and molten cheese and a big salad with a Caesar dressing. This was one of the best dishes I ever ate! The Americans really know how to make good food! Afterwards we went shopping at Muncie mall. It was very funny and I really enjoyed the time with Leah and Sarah! They are very generous and friendly! When we went home we watched a movie and went to bed.

Sunday morning I watched the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. It was a pretty cute, but also sometimes sad movie. We ate a yogurt with granola, it was pretty good. In the morning we were just hanging around a little bit, but afterwards Sarah and I started preparing some meals for the welcome party in the evening. Leah went for midday to her dad and Matt worked, so Brayden, Sarah and I were alone at home. I showed Sarah how to prepare chicken nuggets with quinoa crust and she told me how to prepare some wrapped cream cheese with ham. They were pretty good! After that Sarah took Brayden and I to the cinema were we watched “Zootopia”, a pretty cute movie with many animals and a rabbit who was a police officer. I really liked the movie but the best was the popcorn! Why can`t we have such a good popcorn in Germany? After the movie we prepared a dip for some chips which is one of the favorite meals of Leah. When she returned we went to the welcome party. 

I really enjoyed the week end! It was a great chance to get to know my host family better. I think we spent a great time together! 


Celina Franke