Spring Break: Days in Illinois

The Arch was probably the highest construction of the city so we had no problem looking over the whole city. I really enjoyed looking at it and I took a lot of great pictures. After that we looked for a place too eat and found a place called Sauce on the Side. Seriously, that was the best calzone I have ever eaten. To be fair, it was probably the first one too. But the point is that it was really good. We went back through the city to our car and then visited the Budweiser Brewery. My host dad Andy thinks that he will never be allowed to host again after they took me to a brewery and a cemetery(it was the first weekend, I really enjoyed it though). The Brewery was rather boring, but we still had a lot of fun. When we returned to the place where Bree's grandma lives we met the “real” dad of my host sisters and had dinner with him. I think my stomach does not cope with Mexican food.

I mostly think that because I was feeling really sick the next day. I threw up several times, I will spare you the details, but it was not the best Easter I had. I read a good book though. I read it twice.

When I felt better we went to the Garden of the Gods. This is a place where you can climb on rocks, little ones though. It is a garden, not a maze. What you need to understand is that I literally grew up in a forest and had a lot of vacation in the mountains, I know how to get from rock to rock really fast. And that nearly gave my host mom a heart attack. Or two(if you read that, Jess: I am really sorry.). In the end, all of us nearly got a heart attack, because a guy managed to fall into a cleft in the rock. But instead of calling for real help(like a helicopter or something) two men climbed down to him and tried to save him alone. Without any securing. So they were guiding him up, the guy was sobbing while he was following their advices. I think he was in shock. They made it back to the path and he was nearly hyperventilating while thanking the men for saving his life(he has been down there for a while, I guess). That may sound really dramatic but it was not, not really. Most people complained about how stupid that boy was. But ignoring that, the Garden of the Gods was a lot of fun.

Being really hungry after this great adventure we took a ferry to Kentucky and drove to the closest town, searching for a place to eat. I really wanted to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken, for obvious reasons. Mostly, because it would have been hilarious. There was no KFC close, so we went to an Italian restaurant. That was disappointing, if I am completely honest. But it was better than starving.


Lara Postel