Spring Break in the US

Anyway, the break was long and I do not have unbounded space to write about every single day, that is the reason why I decided to write just about some special and unique days. Those days which will hopefully stocked in my brain forever.
It was the first day of break and I was getting to know a big part of the relatives of my (host) family. In the afternoon my (host) mom, Serena, Chris and me went over to our grandma Sally’s house for having lunch and meeting the rest of the family, which means meeting uncle Tony and his wife with their children. One of their kids, Bonnie, arrived with her boyfriend and her little son. There was also one lovely old couple, who turned out to be the cousin Linda of our grandma with her husband Don from Tennessee.
After the welcoming we send Tony out to order some Pizza and this gorgeous breadsticks from Pizza King. It was a really great afternoon and I was so happy that I got the chance to meet them all. It was a wonderful day with delicious Pizza and breadsticks and really interesting and funny conversations. That is what I love about this family: this entire people had never seen me before, but it does not feel as if I am a stranger to them, or them to me. You get a hug, they include you into familiar conversations and are curious about you as a person and you’re life in Germany. I hope I will always remember this day, when I meet such a warm-hearted and funny family.

Another interesting and funny event takes place on the 24th of March, when Serena and I went together with Mrs. Beltz to Indianapolis by car to watch the ice-hockey game Indy Fuels vs. Connecticut Cyclones. That was pretty amazing and exciting. I had never seen something like this before and I was very confused when the players start punching and drubbing each other during the game. At first I thought that this would be against the rules, but obviously it was not, which was pretty crazy. I had to experience that ice-hockey is a very fast and steely sport and that the players had to endure a lot of crashes against the adversaries or the cushion. The mood inside the stadium was electrifying and sweeping and you could feel the passion of the players and the emotions of the viewer.
I was so happy to get the chance to watch one typical American sport, which is not that popular in Germany.   


By Annemarie Westphal