My first week of Spring Break


On Tuesday, back at home, we went Zip lining on the other side of Anderson. The first tower was very scary. I felt my heartbeat everywhere and I was very nervous, but I was proud when I managed the first line. I have never seen a Zip line park in Germany and it was so much fun!

The next day we drove about three hours to see Marengo cave. We did a tour and it was very interesting to hear the history of the cave. Two young boys found the cave many years ago, while playing in the forest. You could also do an adventure tour, which would be a lot fun too. The cave is six miles long and it is always a constant temperature there. At one place you could throw pennies and with some luck it will stay at the ceiling. The tour guide told us that a woman threw her wedding ring and it stayed on the ceiling… Before we went home we ate at Zaharakos, which is a big ice cream place. 

The Pacers had a game on Thursday night and we visited it together with some other host families. I think it was a good game, but I would say the mood at an ALBA Berlin game is better. The Pacers won (92-84)!

During the weekend we celebrated Easter. We went to church and ate together with family. Bailey, Sarah and I drove with the golf cart and it was fun until we had a little accident… In the afternoon we searched for Easter eggs in the yard. They were filled with candy and pennies. The way Americans celebrate Easter is pretty much the same as home in Germany.   


Chalin Meyer