Welcome Reception


At first, we gave our introduction presentations and probably the hardest part of the whole introduction was to get in line in the front. All of our presentations were presented very well and although I was pretty nervous in the beginning, it turned out afterwards that there was no real reason for this excitement. I really enjoyed presenting a short summary of my lifestyle to the Americans. After we had done all of our small presentations, we were finally allowed to eat. I ate some sausages, meatballs, a tomato salad and a very delicious cookie. Then, a photo of Connor, Levi and me was taken and Levi started showing me the different rooms in the school. I was really impressed by the huge gym; Levi told me that there are about 3500 seats in there. He also showed me the choir room, which looked really comfortable and the German room. I thought that there was a very nice and friendly atmosphere in the school. We left at about 8.30 p.m. and in the car, we told us many different jokes, but we also talked about the differences of our school systems quite a bit. All in all, I really liked the whole Welcome Reception.


Johannes Rickert