Laura’s spring break

We invited Melina and her host sister Katie, Benita and Matthäa, Jan, Leonie, Tom and his host siblings Carlos and Ariana, Teresa, Solvay and Cierra’s best friend Destiny. We told them that they can come at 6 pm. Most of the people came a little bit later. First we all sat on the couch and talked. The mother of my host mom Debbie prepared Lasagna and we bought breadsticks and pops. The food was very good and I ate very much. After we had dinner some of us watched a movie and the others played games. When the movie was over I sat outside with Matthäa, Solvay, Benita, Teresa, Leonie and Ariana and we talked and watched the thunderstorm. It was very rainy so I decided to dance barefoot in the rain and it was actually very funny. Leonie and I were cold so we went back inside the house. We watched the other playing games and talked to them. They played “cards against humanity”, “apples to apples” and “headbandz”.  At 10 pm most people left and I watched another movie with Cierra. 

On Friday first of April we left for Chicago. I lived in a room with Cierra, Teresa and Alyssa. We had a great time and did a lot of cool things in Chicago. My favorite part was when we visit the Willis Tower on Sunday. It took us 50 seconds to go with the elevator from the first floor to the 103th floor. I really liked the view we had over Chicago. I took a lot of pictures and the view was breathtaking. I stood on the glass balcony with Hannah, Jan, Cierra, Kody and Tim. I definitely want to visit this city again, maybe with my family.