My host parents drove us to the place and waited there, until our tour was over. We were a group of ten people, plus the two guides, who led us through the park, they started with the longest Zip line, called “big mama”, which was 600 feet long and 300 feet high. Even though I’m usually not afraid of heights, I was quite nervous before leaving the platform. That day, the weather was really foggy and because of all the mist, you couldn’t see the destination, so I felt like moving into “nothing”: When I passed about half of the zip line, the air became clearer and I could see all the way down to the ground. It was a great feeling, because I was secured in my climbing harness, but I felt free and like I was flying. The tour was divided into ten zip lines. Each of them individual in height, difficulty and duration. Additionally, we crossed a pretty long and unsteady chain bridge. I didn’t expected it to be so hard to walk on and it took me a hell of a long time to reach the other side. The two guides always gave us advises and made sure that everyone stayed unharmed. Furthermore, we rappelled down a rock ledge and did some usual hiking through the mountains. The male guide had packed a camera and took pictures of us, while passing the zip lines. We bought an USB-stick with all of the photography’s and I got some nice pictures of me, hanging at the wire rope, surrounded by all the trees and mist, so I can prove everyone my story. When we ended the last zip line and were waiting for us and we looked through all the pictures at a computer, before driving to the cabin to have dinner. I’m very happy, that I got past my tension, because it was such a great experience and a beautiful memory that I will keep forever and always will associate with my time in the USA together with my wonderful host family.