My spring break


They talked about math in everyday life, e.g. the usage of math for solving crossword puzzles or math hidden in different kinds of board or card games. But because I was concentrating on the new vocabulary, I didn´t understand that much. After we had dinner at a Taco Bell, we returned to the college and watched a magic show. Some of the tricks were pretty impressive. We spent the night at the house of Aunt Lois, who lives in Franklin. We ordered pizza and we talked a lot. The next day, Connor, Austin and I participated at a workshop, where we had to develop a game based on math. Because we were not able to come up with a creative idea, we just created a game for which we had to solve equations with very simple operations. In the afternoon, we watched different students competing against each other in a quiz show and at last, we listened to a presentation about the number Pi.

When we returned, Levi came over to our house because we had invited him to a concert in The Palladium in Carmel. The Palladium really impressed me because of its look. The architecture was once more spectacular, but the music was even more fantastic. The orchestra played pieces from movies set in space and when they played the main theme of Star Wars at the end, I almost started crying. Levi and Connor also really enjoyed the concert. 

After the concert, we ate at Steak&Shake and then, we went back home. All in all, my first weekend of spring break was awesome.


Johannes Rickert