My Spring Break  


We walked into the forest and took pictures. In the evening we had a movie night at the house from the host family of Tim and Laura. On Friday we went to the ice hockey game, Cheryl picked me up because Alyssa doesn’t like ice hockey. I sat next to Noomi in the stadium and I ate pretzel sticks. The game was great, I think we all had fun. The next day we went shopping in Keystone and ate cheesecake from a bakery. Sunday was Easter Sunday. The host family of Annemarie picked Theresa, Alyssa, Michelle and me up and we drove to the “Hanna house” where a lot of children had an easter egg hunt. Although we didn’t participate we got easter candy ☺ After that, a guide showed us the house, which was part of the underground railroad, it was interesting. Back home, the Kollars family ate dinner with us at our house, it was delicious, Theresa (my host mom) is a very good cook. In the evening we watched two movies. On Tuesday, Theresa, Alyssa, Sydney (her twin sister) and I went out for dinner, I ate mini cheese burgers. After that Theresa dropped me off at the cinema in Alexandria, where some of the GAPP students watched “Batman vs. Superman”. The cinema in Alexandria in very old and the seats were not as comfortable as the seats in other cinemas. On Wednesday we went to a grocery store where I bought some candy I’m going to bring to Germany. 

At 6:45 a.m. (Friday) our Chicago-trip started, we all were very excited! Our first stop in Chicago was the “museum of science and industry” where we spent a lot of time. We arrived a bit late at our hotel because of the traffic, then we checked in and got into our rooms. We had donner on our own at the Yorktown Mall and after that we did a little shopping. On Saturday we made a city tour where we visited different buildings, the tour took 4 ½ hours. Afterwards we spent time at the Navy Pier where we ate lunch on our own and bought some souvenirs. Because of the wind we couldn’t visit the Willis Tower, so we went to the hotel earlier where we ate pizza and salad for dinner. On the last day of our trip we finally visited the Willis Tower, after we packed our bags and left the hotel. It was such a wonderful view! We had luck with the weather, it was sunny and almost no clouds. Before we finally went home, we visited the Indiana Dunes and ate an afternoon lunch. I enjoyed my spring break very much!