Snow, Washington DC & prom dress shopping


Some days later, on Thursday, we decided to visit the capital of the US: Washington DC.  I really liked the city, because of the beautiful buildings and the good weather we had!  We saw the Arlington national cemetery which was very interesting because of all the different graves and the different stories behind it and we also saw the grave of the Kennedy family.  Later we had a walk to the Lincoln memorial which I really enjoyed because of all the cherry trees that were blossoming.  The Lincoln memorial is a huge building from where you have a wonderful view to the Washington monument, which is a huge “tower” made out of stone.  And of course, if you are in Washington DC, you have to see the white house and so we did.  After a long and very impressive day in Washington DC, we watched the beautiful sunset in the city before we went back to our apartment in Virginia. 

A really important and (for me) interesting thing we did was the prom dress shopping.  It was a real adventure and challenge to find the perfect dresses for Alli and Jasmin.  I never before saw so much tulle, glitter and so many different dresses.  But a prom dress has to be individual, elegant and just perfect for the girl who has to wear it.  That is the reason why the girls tried on about a hundred of dresses in two different shops until both of them found their perfect one, which will hopefully remind them of a beautiful prom date evening!    

It was a really a beautiful week with a lot of events and a lot of fun!