Our time in Chicago


When we arrived the hotel we were swimming in the pool (it was fun because we were a big group).
In the evening we played “Truth or Dare” or/and talked to each other (everybody did something with friends)­ so everybody had fun.
I think we had a lot more friends after the 1st day.
On saturday we visited Chicago.
I hate city tours but it wasn't boring because I had my friends by my side & we had fun.
We had so much fun in the city. The pool & pizza in the evening was awesome too.
We started eating in a group of 4­after 30 minutes we were a group of 10 and we had fun:)
In the evening we played games or/and talked to each other.
After the two days I didn’t want to go back to germany because it was so awesome :)
I’ll miss the people and the time in Chicago very much...
But I’m also excited to see my family & and friends at home.
I can’t decide what I want.
The sky deck the next day was the most awesome attraction and the full day was the best :)
Our group enjoyed the tower and the view.
The dunes were awesome too!
The pictures of the time in the US are awesome...
I’ll never forget the memories & the nice people here.
Maybe you dont read this article But I want that everyone of the Gapp­Program and everybody of the AMHS knows: “Everyone was/is awesome!
I’ll never forget you all&I’ll never forget the memories and things we experienced together!
Thank you for everything:)
I’ll miss you :*
Its hard to say ‘Goodbye’ but we have to say it :(
I will never forget the time here ♡
Thank you!”

Moritz Olbrich