The Skydeck in Chicago – 412 meters above the ground.

The Skydeck with its glass viewing platform on 103rd floor in 412 meters height is thereby the highest observation deck in the United States; “The Ledge” attracts more than 1.7 million visitors every year. After today it will be 55 visitors more…

But enough facts and figures for today. Let’s get up!
Well, that’s easier said than done. At first we had to go through a security check and stand in line for a long time. Then we went into a projection room where we watched a short documentation about the emergence and the establishment of the Tower, which was opened in 1973 after 3 years of building.
After standing in line for a certain time, waiting until we are able to enter the lift, which will bring us with 18 m/h in 65 seconds to the 103rd floor. We all have to swallow a lot when we went up to the top because of the changing air pressure inside.

The view from the top was phenomenal: sunshine, nearly cloudless and a wonderful blue sky enable wonderful pictures. On a clear day, you can see four states – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. On top we had the opportunity to get into one of these glass platforms for having a unique view all over Chicago. Some of our people used the chance and stayed a long time on “The Ledge” for taking breath taking WhatsApp profile pictures. Other ones (I was in this group) weren’t that brave and relaxed to stand on a glass platform, which is located in 412 meters height, to smile for a picture. So we just jumped in for a second, begging the picture would look nice in some extent and made a run for it after we thought the picture was taken.
At the end I am convinced that nobody wants to miss this attraction, which equal a dare for everybody one his or her own.