This was my first spring break without my family or my friends, but it does not matter, because I was not on my own. I had found a second family and also a bunch of new friends here in Indiana. At first I have to say that I had my doubts about spending two weeks only with my host family and I had no clue what we are going to do during this weeks. Fortunately my doubts turned out to be wrong and now I am sad that the time passes by that quickly. But enough of that sad and melancholic “it is all over” feeling, because it is not all over, at least not yet. Spring break is over, that is what I have to admit. And I accept it, it was such a great time and I loved spending time together with my (host) family and with new gained friends, but I am also looking forward to attend High School again.

I had waffles for breakfast. The waffles were great, believe me. I put syrup on it, so they were even better. Heidi actually had breakfast twice, one time with us one time without. Bree and I ended up waiting for her to finish her bagel though. She was waiting for the butter to melt(honestly, I think she forgot to toast the bagel). I was trying to make some hot chocolate in that time. When I realized that you need hot water instead of milk it was already too late. After that detailed description of my breakfast I should probably tell something about the actual day, so here is that: 

The first few days of my spring break were rather boring, until we left to visit Bree's grandma in Illinois. The car ride was nearly 6 hours long so we arrived quite late. I am not the type of person that is able to sleep on the car so I mostly watched the trees and fields as there was not much more to see. When we arrived I was not doing much more than saying Hi to the family and then falling into bed.

I did that mostly because we were getting up early the next day. Our plan was to go and see St Louis. That was a long car ride as well but it was totally worth it. The sun was shining and St Louis is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The first thing we visited was the Gateway Arch which is… well, a big metal arch. So we took an elevator up in to the arch(just think about going into an elevator that does not go straight but in a bow up) and took our time to look at St Louis.


We had to stand up in the morning to meet the whole GAPP-group at 7am at the school to leave for Chicago. Than after three and half an hour we sat in the bus and waited for our arrival in Chicago. But we had a time difference for an hour in Chicago. So we arrived the “Museum of Science and Industry ”at 9:30am. First we got about one hour to go around in group and try out some things. There were many things to do like digital games and much more. They also had a artificial tornado and also imitators of how it is to be in a tornado and other things to try how something works. After the hour we got tickets for the “Numbers in Nature”.

The German GAPP students had a field trip to see the catacombs and the Hannah house in Indianapolis. The Hannah house is an historic building and it was built in 1858. We made a tour and the guide showed us every room but my opinion is that he could try to do it more interesting. I can imagine that the guide knows a lot about the history of this house and the way of telling or teaching us about it was too boring.

The Hannah house was a station of the Underground Railroad by which refugee slaves were conveyed on farther north. They were hidden on the grounds and escorted, usually under cover of darkness, to the railroad running through the property.

At 11:30 o’clock a.m. the GAPP- group (these who stayed home) met at the school because we wanted to play Laser Tag today. We chartered a schoolbus, it took us 45 minutes to get there. Mrs. Beltz and my hostmom Theresa accompanied us. When we arrived, a young member of staff (I think his name was Tom) divided us into two groups, group A and group B. My hostsister Alyssa and me, we were in group A. Then, we got something to drink and group A started to play the first game. I never played Laser Tag before, so I was very excited. We should built groups with each 5 members and chose a color of the vest we wanted to wear. Then it started.

Our first trip on the bus (to Chicago) was boring because wie didn’t do anything special and we didn't know each Other that good. But at the museum we started to know each other better ­ so we were in groups and not just in a group of 2. When we were in the mall, everybody had fun & everyone had someone wtih them :) In the mall or the museum we had a lot of fun. Maybe it was a little bit boring but we didn’t thought so because we had our (new) friends by our side; did something with them & had a lot of fun.

I woke up in the beautiful Florida and was so happy because I knew: we will go to the "Universal Park" in Florida. But we had to drive to the park. We had bad luck and Lost 1:30h because we had a traffic problem on the way. But then(1:10h to late) we met Tina's sister (who lives in Florida) at "Denny's" and ate breakfast. At First we went to a rollercoaster with the topic "Harry Potter". It was a rollercoaster mixed with 3D.

Sunday was the last day of our trip to Chicago. Because of some problems we had to decide, not to go to the museum. Our day started with going to the Willis Tower. The Willis Tower is one of the tallest towers in the world. It was amazing! We took some cool pictures and enjoyed the wonderful view. The skyscraper has 108 stories and is 1,451 foot (442 m) high. There was also a gift-shop, where some of our group little presents for their family and friends bought. After this great experience we went to the dunes and the wether was really good. It was sunny and we took again beautiful pictures of the landscape. All of us were really hungry, so that we went to some fast food restaurants.

First lesson

On Tuesday the 3/15/2016 we had our first teaching lesson. We walked to the Alexandria Intermediate School and there we went into the rooms and started to teach German. We were 5 groups of students and we taught the 3rd and 4th grade. 

First we started to introduce ourselves, Benita, Melina and me. After that we gave the kids a ball and they introduced themselves in English. Mostly all kids were 10 years old and they live in Alexandria. All of them were very nice and open to us.