On Saturday we visited the zoo in Indianapolis. It was the first real trip with our host families. We met 9:30 am in front of the zoo. We were a group of 65 people. I went there with my host family by car. I think it took us one hour to get there but it doesn’t felt like one hour at all because we had a lot of fun. We sang along to all the songs that were played on the radio.

After we had arrived on Friday, my family took me to Pizza hut, where we ordered breadsticks (it`s a kind of bread which is broiled in oil) and two big pizzas. I need to say, I fell in love with the breadsticks, they`re so good! Then we went home and my family gave me a little welcome bag with a lot of candies (they`ve got a very good taste, Leah, Sarah, Matt and Brayden thank you!!!), a shower gel, a little game and a bottle. Afterwards, Leah and I went to bed.


Participation at the MAA and visiting a symphony

On Friday, March 15th 2016, I didn´t go to school because we planned on going to the Math Association of America (MAA) at Franklin College. We had a one hour car ride to Franklin. The college buildings had a very beautiful architecture. At first, we got our nametags; but because they had not prepared a nametag for me, I first wore a wrong one (the name was John Rickert) until we recognized that there was really a John Rickert coming to the meeting. In the afternoon, we listened to interesting presentations of different professors and teachers.

Today, I woke up at 6:45 am. Everyone got ready and at 7:30, my host mom drove Katie, Sherry, Malin and me to school. School in America is very different from the German one. I`ve actually seen the school one time before, because we visited it on Sunday for having the welcome reception, but when I arrived this morning, I was really nervous. What if I get lost or say something really stupid? I was totally freaking out.

I felt a mix of nervousness, excitement and fear, but it turned out that my fears were totally unreasonable. When we entered school, we firstly went to the locker where I had problems opening it. After we put our stuff in there, we went to the library where we had homeroom with Miss Rohde and Miss Mock. They told us about the tasks we have to do while our stay here and gave us our binders. Also, we went to the cafeteria and put our lunch money in. 

Today the GAPP-group took a trip to Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. After we visited the State House, we traveled by school bus to the Beef & Boards dinner theatre in 9301 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268. After we entered the building, a waiter showed us our seats. It is a Beef & Board theatre, so we ate dinner first. There was a buffet where the stage was later. We waited until we were asked to go to the buffet. On the buffet there were at first salads and then warm meals. Ms. Rohde told us to get enough food, so we could eat it during the show. The food was nice though and after dinner we got a little cake. Then the show started.

On Saturday I had to get up at 8.00 a.m., because we had to drive one hour to the Zoo. I drank some orange juice, because I wasn`t hungry. Katie`s mom drove me, Katie, Jasmine and Leonie (the neighbor and their exchange student) to the Zoo in Indianapolis. In the car, we listened to some music. When we arrived, some families were already there. 

At 10.30 a.m. everybody had arrived, so we went in. The group split and I walked with Katie, her mom, Jasmine and Leonie through the Zoo. First we went to the “Ocean” part of the Zoo. We saw Nemo (a clown fish) and Dory (a blue reef fish). Furthermore there was a basin with little sharks. You can put your hand in it to touch the sharks. This was a little bit weird and funny, because the shark I touched was soft. After that we went to the penguins. At this moment there was a feeding. It was cool to see how penguins get their food. They all flapped with their wings. That looks funny.

Our journey started at 7am at the airport Berlin Tegel. The whole GAPP group met at 7am in front of the check in. After we handed in our luggage, we had to go through the security check. I hadn’t got anything dangerous with me, so I was able to just walk through it. We had a direct flight to Chicago with Airberlin in an Airbus 330. I sat next to Timm Ole Fiedler at the aisle in the plane, so I had enough space for my legs. The flight took about 9 and a half hours. I had the plan to sleep in the plane, which didn’t work out as I watched four movies with Ole. The time went by kind of fast but it was still quit hard to stay calm as you want to move around, which is hardly possible in a plane.

Friday March 11th 2016 we (all the GAPP students) were so excited and nervous at the same time. That's the day we were going to the USA. At 7 am we had to be at the Berlin Tegel airport. When I arrived some of the other students were already there. My mum stayed for couple of minutes and then she had to leave. I wasn’t that sad when she was gone. I was just too excited. But Annemie one of the other GAPP students cried when her mum had to go. So all of us tried to comfort her a little bit.

Today we visited to the Statehouse of Indiana. First of all the state house is basically were the whole administration of the state of Indiana takes place.

When we arrived we first had to pass a security check (which is completely understandable considering who works there and what these people do there). Afterwards we went into the main hall to start our guided tour through the state house. When the guide arrived she first told us some general information about the state house and the state of Indiana. A few facts which are quite interesting are for example that the State of Indiana is celebrating its 200th Birthday this year, that the City of Indianapolis was built after it was decided that there should be the Capital City of the State. Also that the state house (Which is by the way one of the most beautiful in all of the United States) is 128 years old.