First day in Chicago

Some of us made a “Gravitron” with the “Toymaker3000” in the museum. It is a spinning toy. We must put our name (or a name of a friend) on it and then we could see the whole process of making a toy.

Another really cool thing was the great “Tornado Maker” in the building. It was so huge and amazing. In another hall we could watch the little chicks hatch from the eggs. This was so cute.

We also had s submarine tour in a German submarine. We split in 4 small groups and each group had a short tour. At 11:00 p.m. we had a lunchbreak. It was very loud in this small canteen, because there were 2 other groups with students. After that we watched the short film “Big Dream”. It was about architectures and buildings.

On the trip to our hotel we had to wait in the traffic. But we took a lot of pictures of the skyline of Chicago. There was a big church or a cathedral or something like that and I said “Oh look! There is the Koelner Dom.”, because it looked a bit like that. We went to the hotel and put our suitcases in our rooms. But after 20 minutes we left the hotel and went to a mall for shopping. I only spent money for lunch but the others shopped shoes, jackets or other stuff.

After our shopping trip we went back to the hotel. In the evening we were in the small pool and the boys had a water fight. I thought they had fun.

I want to come back, because Chicago is a really big City and I want to see more. I think Chicago was the best trip in the last 4 weeks.

Svenja Steger