My spring break

Especially on some trips with my new American mates, I had tons of fun and collected some experiences that I didn’t even think of before coming to the United States. The best example for that is a trip to the graffiti bridge in Muncie. But I also enjoyed all of the GAPP-related events: Lasertag is probably the coolest thing that I've ever done in my entire life. It was so much fun that we even played a second time and combined it with the birthday of a friend. Being engaged in a real time battle between two teams and facing each other is an indescribable feeling.

The basketball game we watched live in Indianapolis (Indiana Pacers against Philadelphia 76ers) was incredible. Unfortunately, the pictures we took and marked with the hashtag #pacersgamenight didn't make it on the big screen that was in front of us, but that didn't change anything about the amazing show.

The end of spring break was one of the highlights: we spend our weekend in Chicago! The beautiful skyline and city is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy one day. The pool and the delicious breakfast in the hotel just added to the rest of the perfect vacation. Our visit of the Willis Tower, the city itself and the Indiana Dunes that we visited on our last day, gave enough opportunities for some awesome pictures. In my opinion, we could have spent more time in Chicago, because after two nights, our trip was over and we returned to Alexandria. My host family was already waiting on us and our spring break was over again. In the end, it felt shorter than I thought it would, but that's probably normal. Now it's time to focus on school and getting used to getting up early again. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my spring break a lot and I'm happy about all the experiences I made and all the people I met so far.

Niklas Mohrin