Spring break experiences

When we went into the building, I was very surprised, how big it actually was. A little bit later, it was our turn to race. One race was 14 rounds. We got black masks, which we had to wear under our helmets. Before our first race a men explained to us the rules and how to drive a Go-Kart. Then we were sitting in our Go-Karts and I was a little bit excited. In my first race I tried to drive fast but couldn't handle it so good, so I used the break often. Sophie and I had so much fun and Dan asked us, if we want to drive another race. Of course we answered “yes!”. I think in my second race I was pretty good. I drove very fast and I overtook the others several times. It's something for me I guess, because I like cars a lot and I can imagine to do it as my hobby. I was so happy after the Go-Kart Racing. I could do it every day and I’m so thankful for this experience!

Angelina U.