Knives, shotguns and crossbows

All this started with us driving behind a really slow car and Ariana wanting to overtake it. She started the process of overtaking until we realized that that was not the only car in front of us. In the exact same moment there came a car right at us, we had to get back in line between two cars. We were really lucky in that moment that the car we had already overtaken let us in. After we survived this situation and arrived at the mall we ate at ,,five guys" some delicious fries. Then we made some greeting cards and put them on the wall in the restaurant. So we were stuffed and went over to our actual aim in coming there. Serena needs some things for her prom. So while Ariana and Serena were looking for their stuff, Carlos and I were looking around in the Cabelas store. To give a small review what Cabelas is about, they have: knifes, camping stuff, tools, bows, crossbows, hundreds of guns plus ammunition, fishing rods and a few really weird crossroads vehicles. We stayed at least one hour and a half there and then went to Dick's sportshop. It is really astonishing that you can buy a shotgun for 400$ but a golf club for 2000$. Crazy. In the end we reunited at the car and drove home. This was also the day on which I realized I was born in the wrong country.

Erick Müller