Chicago - second day

We had a bus tour through Chicago today. We drove to Chicago and I slept a little bit on the bus. In Chicago the tour guide joined us. It was a very sunny day which made the day better than it still was. When we drove by bus we made the whole time pictures because the skyscrapers and the streets in the middle of them were just overwhelming. First, we drove to the bean. The bean is like a panorama mirror. You’re little when you’re in the background. It was really funny to find me because I was a little pink point at the bean because of my neonpink jacket. The middle of the bean was interesting because I saw people in miniature moving all around. Also I didn’t know where the middle of the bean was because the moving people were too confusing. Some people made a pretty awesome photo. It seemed like the reflection had no gravity and they just hung on the hands of the real people.

After that we went to an old building which was made from Europeans and which was made with Mosaics. I didn’t find it that interesting but there was something written in German and the artist spelled Shakespeare like Shakspere what was a little bit interesting. Then we wanted to go to the Riverwalk but the traffic was really bad which was annoying. The Riverwalk wasn’t like I expected it. There was a lot of steal around the river and I didn’t like this so much. We went along the Trump Tower. I liked more what we did aferwards, though. We drove to the Zoo along Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, we didn’t go there but it looked so beautiful because the sun was shining. We didn’t go in the Zoo either. But we went in the flower hall of the Zoo. The flowers in there were very beautiful. Then we went to the highlight of the tour: The sky deck on Willis Tower. We had a special group card so we could get to the sky deck in 20 minutes. The other people had to wait 5 hours. No wonder they made faces like “Seriously”. When we drove to the 103rd storey my ears hurt. The glass platform wasn’t that good as I thought it would be. There were scratches all over it. But the sun shined and I became hot. From the windows I had a wonderful view over Chicago and Lake Michigan. I had much fun with my friends up there and during the hole day.

Cora Leifheit