My First NBA Game - A Special Experience

I have also been to two basketball games from ALBA Berlin, but the German league’s popularity is nothing compared to the NBA’s, as soccer is dominating Germany’s sports scene. From the NBA games I watched, I knew that there would be a big show before the game, which was the case. There were fireworks, which surprised me and only increased my excitement for the upcoming game.

Our seats were pretty high, but we still had a good view of what was happening on the court. Actually, I liked the fact that they were so high up because it enabled us to really see everything that was going on in the stadium. We had enough time to do so because of all the time-outs, but also because of the game not being too suspenseful. As I had predicted before, it was an easy win for the Pacers against the Philadelphia 76ers, who are currently the 14th seed in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers are the 7th in the same Conference, which didn’t exactly make it harder to predict the outcome of the game. This may sound like it was boring, but the whole show (more than) made up for the mediocre game. The final score was Pacers 107 – 76ers 94.

I will definitely try to go to another NBA game if I will manage to travel to the U.S. again, which is one of my higher-priority goals, as the show was nothing but amazing. Of course, I would have loved to see a more entertaining and suspenseful game; that would have really only been the icing on the cake. More than everything else, it was a great experience.

Lennart Nowag