The farewell party and last words

Originally I volunteered to be the host, because I'm not really good at either singing, dancing or acting. I ended up being the host AND dancing twice. Furthermore I took over a bit of the organizational stuff, but not much (the real organizers did a great job and I really appreciate the effort and work they put into our show). I had lots of stress, because I woke up at 1pm and I had to be at the school at 1:30pm. I somehow managed to be punctual. Marvin couldn't come to the party, due to some car problems and we had to cancel his magic show. This meant that I needed to change my text and discuss what to say with Cora. We found a good solution, but then something really funny happened: Mrs Mock (or ‘MommaMock’ as we call her) just stood up from her seat and came up on the stage and presented a magic trick with a flower pot. No one knew about that but we implemented it well in our show. Directly after the short magic trick, the first dance I attended in (Salsa) began. I think we did a good job although it wasn't perfect, but that's okay. Only a bit later, our last performance of the day started and we danced ‘Jumpstyle’. It's basically jumping and moving to the beat (you can find lots of videos on the Internet). I didn't see the whole show from the audience's point of view yet, but I think we did a good job on that too, at least I didn't see any major fails. Afterwards, the atmosphere became a bit more serious. It was time for speeches. That was the point everyone became sad (some more, others less). I really need to compliment Anna and Anni on their amazing speeches. After our program we went in the cafeteria and ate and drunk a bit while watching a slideshow of pictures of the past month. And that's it. That's it for the farewell party. That's it for our program. That's it for all the work and effort we put into the show. That's it for GAPP. We have two more days in America. I can't believe that I'm leaving the States on Wednesday again. That's it for living in the USA, for going to school in Alexandria, for meeting all the people here. That's it for going shopping in the mall, for visiting sights and cities, for driving around with friends and having fun while singing to the radio. That's it for eating burgers and drinking Mountain Dew. That's it for working on the GAPP binder and looking for new vocabulary. That's it for all the stress we had from noting everything we've done. Am I happy about finally being able to speak German again, seeing my friends in Germany again and not having to write down what I did daily or am I sad about leaving a second live behind me and just taking some lame souvenirs and boring photos with me, instead of being able to see and talk to my new friends? I'm not quite sure, I think it's a mixture of both. Now I can understand my music teacher, who said that she is really sad about not coming to America this year. GAPP and all the people I met really changed me and I can't believe that I'm leaving them on Wednesday. This is not just friends, this is family. And hopefully it's always going to be that way. Thanks to everyone I met here and everyone who helped me. I'm gonna come back one day.

Niklas Mohrin