Spring break - Movie night

My host grandma made the food, BBQ chicken burger. We invited Julia and Alexa, Angelina and Sophie, Niklas, Levi, Carlos, Erik, Marvin, Leonie, Florian, Angelina and Hannah to our house. Everybody had to bring a bag of chips or a 2 l bottle of pop. When all the people were at our house we opened the buffet and ate. We talked the whole time and it was really fun. As we finished eating we started watching “white chicks”, this movie is so funny. After this movie some people ate again something or they went out of the house to go for a walk. Some people also had to leave earlier because they had other appointments. Later we started another movie called “TAMMY” but the most people didn’t watch the movie because they were talking. This was so fun because we were talking about a movie which is very stupid and everybody was laughing about this movie. At 10pm everybody left, but I started to watch series with Cierra.

Finja Klement