My visit at vocational school

They learn for instance about DNA and how to chase signs and how to save fingerprints. Before we went to class we had two hours time to eat something or do whatever we want. In this time, Cierra showed me Alexandria by car. She showed me, for example, the churches here and she gave me an overview of the town. Then we went to the gas station. We had to refuel the car and then we realized that one tire was flat. We opened the lock of the tire but we didn’t know how much air we had to put in the tire. We were so scared that the tire burst so we stopped putting air in the tire. On our way to vocational school we stopped at Hardee’s to get us something to eat. Then we also passed a park, in it was a playground. We went out of the car and started playing. This was so fun. There was a seesaw and it was so slippery that I fell, we laughed so hard. Then we went to school. In the classroom I met the teacher Mr. Kelly and he was from the beginning on very kind. In class I introduced myself. Mr. Kelly was so relaxed and lots of students on their phones. In the first part of the lesson they cleared some questions and then the students had to take an exam. It was an official exam that’s why I wasn’t allowed to stay in the room while the students were taking the exam. So, I went back into the classroom with the teacher. In the classroom, the teacher and I started to talked. He asked me questions about my school, what Berlin is like and how different Germany is to the USA. Next to these topics I told him about the concentration camp Sachsenhausen which is close to our school and about the holocaust in general. After the students came back from taking the exam, Mr. Kelly wanted to take pictures in front of the classroom with two police-man-dolls. All in all, I liked this day so much. The conversation with MR. Kelly was very relaxed and I enjoyed it to talk to him.

Finja Klement