Last weekend in the States

After a while we, the Germans, and Angela went to Sherry’s Softball game. It was a very sunny and nice day. I loved it. So Sherry’s game was at a beautiful place with lots of fields and green grass. The place where we sat was a sunny place. The sun has hurt my eyes and I just wanted to sleep. Sometimes I closed my eyes but Brittany wanted me to cheer for the team. Unfortunately, we lost. After the game we went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the German dish Svenja and Emmi S. wanted to cook. Then we drove to the dollar store to buy sweets for our friends and family. I already bought my sweets but the others bought two shopping baskets full with sweets. I think Svenja bought about 15 “Mike and Ikes”.

The next day we had the Farewell party. Because the party was in the afternoon we waited until 1 p.m. Some of us droved a little bit earlier. Shortly before the Farewell party Marvin said that he couldn’t come because of a car problem. Then Anni asked if someone could pick him up. So I said we can do it. But in the end it turned out that they had their car problem on the way home from a little trip.

The day was also sunny and warm but also windy. At the Farewell party I wasn’t as sad as I expected. I was “hyper happy”. I jumped around, smiled and was just happy. After the party we went together with Anni and her host sibling to the graffiti bridge. This is a bridge were everywhere something is written. We had a lot of fun making poses. Also Washington, our dog, wanted to come with us so we took her with us and I had a lot of fun running around with her. In the evening, Brittany and I baked a rainbow cake which we called diabetes cake in the end because we made the double icing as we had to do. That also was a lot of fun. This was a great last weekend.

Cora Leifheit