Our trip back home

Anyway, we had breakfast - we had waffles with syrup - and then my host father got ready to leave. He hugged me and said good-bye to me. I thanked him and said good-bye too and then he left for work, as he would do on any other day. I just sat around a bit longer, waiting for Kate to get ready and then we left off for school. My host mother hugged me too and said good-bye and that she’s going to miss me. We talked a bit longer about how we’ll have to see each other again. I hope we can do that even before Kate comes to Germany with the back exchange because writing this, now back in Germany, I already miss all of my American friends and my host family. We drove to school, listening to music loudly, singing - or rather yelling - along. It was a lot of fun. When we arrived at the school, there was a good song on so we stayed in the car for a bit longer to finish it. We went inside and checked our luggage for any weight issues and I had to change a few things up but it worked out in the end.

Kate had to go to class then and we had to get our luggage on the bus. We were done way too early. We took one more picture and then we just sat around. All of us cried and we talked about how amazing our host families were. Then we had to get on the bus really quickly to check our passes and when we came back out I walked up to Kate and Josh saying, „Four weeks of America ahead of us, here we come!“ We laughed for just a second but then we started crying badly. Mrs Rohde wanted to tear us apart and because most of the people were already on the bus I hugged Kate and Josh one last time before turning around and crying even harder. When Kate saw that she came to me once more and hugged me until I actually had to get on the bus. So many people on the bus were crying while we were waving at our newly won friends.

At some point of the bus ride I had stopped crying and I was able to laugh because Jette, Xenia and I were talking about everything and nothing. The bus had WiFi so I texted with Kate and Josh. The process at the airport was nothing special. No one was overweight and everything went pretty fluently so we reached our gate quickly and went to have lunch.

On the plane I sat next to Emelie and we started talking until we had reached our designated height and she went to Vanessa and I put in my headphones and tried to sleep. It didn’t really work out so I just laid around listening to music. I took pictures out of the window and I just passed my time. At some point Sophie joined me and we talked for a while until I went back to listening to music. When we arrived at the airport we just wanted to leave the plane quickly so Emelie, Xenia, Niklas and I went to the pass controls as fast as we could. Then we had to wait at the other side. I was so happy when we got our luggage. We went to the exit where our parents were already waiting. My parents had a balloon that said „Welcome Home“ and a little present for Mrs Rohde and Mr Götz. I cried once more and thanked my parents for giving me the opportunity to go there by paying so much money for me. My mom cried too saying that she was happy I got the opportunity. After we left the airport my parents took me to Starbucks for breakfast. My coffee was really good. We went a bit more around and my parents picked up my birthday present which I got today because I had already seen it anyway. Therefore I won’t get anything on the day of my birthday.

After all that crying I think it was a sad but also a happy day. I realized that I had missed my parents. When I got home I listened to very loud music and sang along even louder. I hadn’t done that in four and a half weeks. There is a lot of stuff and there are a lot of people that I miss now but at the same time I am glad to be reunited with my family at home.

Emely Wendland