Day trip to Indianapolis 

We did a guided tour which was quite interesting and we were allowed to walk over the field where the football players would play. It's huge! We also went to the best seats where you can watch the game. Moreover, we visited the fitting room of the players. Then we drove with the bus again and our second activity was the river walk where we had a fantastic view of the skyline of Indianapolis! We walked along the river which was very pretty. We even saw many ducks! We had very good timing because it started to rain again when we went to the circle center mall which I loved. Then our three hours shopping tour began and our GAPP-group split up. First, the most of us ate. There was one big place where were many possibilities to get food. Some friends and me chose Chinese which was pretty good! Then we also went into the stores for going shopping. I bought many things and souvenirs because I didn't spend so much money before. After a long fun time we went to the Hard Rock Café in Indianapolis which was down the street. I didn't really want to go because I think it's only a Café and I have no idea what people are thinking what's so special about it. In the afternoon, after eating ice cream, all of us met at the same place and we went back home. All that time I had a song stuck in my head because some boys of our group were always singing that song "Vollautomatik" which was funny but it annoyed me so hard! We arrived Alexandria very late, at 5 pm. I loved this day because we had such an amazing time together!

Sophie Röber