Trip across the big ocean 2

He said he is not crying, because it is not a “good bye forever”, it is more like a “see you later”. I could understand him, but I could not act differently, I had to cry.
Our bus to Chicago left at 9.15 am and it was the last time that Mrs. Rohde had the chance to ask us, as a GAPP-group, if we want to have a banana, an apple or a water. As well as different kinds of candy she bought for us. It was already a kind of ritual that she was passing the bus with food and I realized that I will miss it when we are back.

After three hours, which I think were over a lot faster than during the way to Alexandria when we arrived, we were at “Chicago O’HARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”. We all checked in without any problems, because we had checked the weight of our luggage already in the school before departure. Additionally, we used the size of the group by leaving our hand luggage with other group members during check in, because some of the pieces were heavier than permitted.
After safety control we had two more hours until boarding, which we used to get lunch. Some also bought the last souvenirs.

The seats of the plane were not sold out, so we had the opportunity to switch our seats. This opportunity was very helpful, because I do not know if I had be able to stand the eight hours differently. Cause the seat in front of my real place sat a Polish man who was drunk. He smelled really badly and did things you are not doing, like looking under the skirt of the stewardess. Jette and I were lucky, because in front of Angie there were two empty seats, so we could move away from this man together.
All in all, the flight was easy-going. We watched some movies and tried to sleep during resting phase. At four am German time, we got breakfast and had nearly two more hours left. When we arrived in Berlin and saw our families after almost five weeks again some of us had to cry. But this time the tears were not because of sadness, they were because of happiness.

Julia Silov-Tepić