Our trip started early in the morning on the parking lot. We were very tired, but also excited for our first time in Chicago. We drove 3 and a half hours and our first stop was the “museum of science + industry”. There are a lot of interactive activities, for example, a “Brain Game”. 2 people must relax and the one who relaxed the most is the winner.

Our last trip before we went back to school was a trip to Chicago with all students and host students.

I spent the first week of springbreak with another host family which took me on a trip to New York and Washington DC.

On Saturday, the 1st of April, we went to Navy Pier in Chicago next to Lake Michigan. It was windy but fortunately I bought a jacket the day before in a huge mall in Chicago.

My host family and I visited Michael in Connecticut. He is the oldest cousin of my host dad and I was really excited to meet him. The trip was around fourteen hours long. We only stopped for going to the restroom or getting some food for lunch or dinner.

Today Dan, Sophie and I went to Indianapolis to Go-Kart Racing. It was my favorite experience of all here.

During spring break my host family planned a trip to New York City. After an endless drive we went into a hotel in New Jersey where we got some rest.

During spring break we went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It took us about 14 hours to get there, but we did amazing things.

My host family and I spent three days in St Louis and it was amazing. The day we arrived we checked into our hotel and our room was amazing. We had a suite in which Kate and I had a room for ourselves with our own bathroom attached. That same day we took a shuttle to the City Museum.

During spring break Brittany my host partner wanted to go horse riding. So on Tuesday the 28th we went to Brittany’s friend Shelby. They have a lot of dogs and cats, also ducks and of course horses.

Today we visited an elephant farm. It was really fun. My host student’s best friend Cassidy came with us. We watched a presentation about them first. One of the elephants could play the harmonica and another one waved with a red cloth.