Yesterday was a busy day. It was the day when we made a bonfire with our friends. In the morning, we prepared the food.

Today we had to wake up earlv for breakfast. Yesterday I had to wake up early too and we didn’t go to bed that early so I was super tired. The breakfast was better than I expected.

We did a lot of fun things during spring break. We drove 22 hours to Florida/ Fort Meyers Beach.

In the second week, my host family and I went to a bowling center in Anderson. The bowling here is different to our bowling at home because you have more lines in America.

Today we had the second lesson at the Intermediate school with the little children. We started with a revision from the first lesson: How I introduce myself. After that Marvin explained the German colours. They said it in a choir all together. At the beginning they had some problems with the spelling but after a while they were pretty good. We had some colourful cards, they helped the kids to understand. Then we gave them a worksheet and they had to fill it out. Everybody who was ready got a sweet. So the children hurried up to get a sweet. That was very funny. We taught them some German phrases, like: Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist ... . At last we talked about sports, but not deliberately. It was really funny.

We all are excited to see them again after spring break!

Julia Warlich

This day my host partners, Serena and me went to an open-air mall in Noblesville. We drove about 40 minutes and we almost had an accident on our way there.

Our trip started early in the morning on the parking lot. We were very tired, but also excited for our first time in Chicago. We drove 3 and a half hours and our first stop was the “museum of science + industry”. There are a lot of interactive activities, for example, a “Brain Game”. 2 people must relax and the one who relaxed the most is the winner.

Today Dan, Sophie and I went to Indianapolis to Go-Kart Racing. It was my favorite experience of all here.

During spring break we went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It took us about 14 hours to get there, but we did amazing things.

In contrast to our German friends, over here we had a two week break. We had lots of opportunities and since Levi, my host brother, has a car, we drove around a lot. Furthermore, I also met some friends and we did things like rollerskating (that I totally failed), movie and game nights, bowling or just hanging out.

During spring break Brittany my host partner wanted to go horse riding. So on Tuesday the 28th we went to Brittany’s friend Shelby. They have a lot of dogs and cats, also ducks and of course horses.