On Tuesday March 29, I changed back to my host family. I had to move to another family for 8 days because my host family went to Mexico for vacation.

Yesterday was a busy day. It was the day when we made a bonfire with our friends. In the morning, we prepared the food.

On Thursday, the 23rd of March we had a movie night at my host family’s house. We had to prepare the whole house for the party. Cierra and I cleaned up the house and we prepared the buffet.

The Pacers game was one of the events I have been looking forward to the most, as I am a big fan of the NBA and basketball in general. I have watched a couple of NBA games on television before, but obviously that experience is very different than being in the stadium.

This day my host partners, Serena and me went to an open-air mall in Noblesville. We drove about 40 minutes and we almost had an accident on our way there.

On Sunday March 26th 2017 I got up very early. While the others in the room still slept, I already went to the pool of our hotel. At eight o’clock only a few children were playing in the water and I went to the whirl pool. Afterwards I swam a few strokes and then I enjoyed the sauna for some minutes.

My host family and I left for three days to a water park in spring break. The water park was like a “tropical island”. It was my first time in a water park like that and I liked it a lot because all guys are happy. On March 21 was my 17th birthday and I was very excited, because

From the 24th to the 26th March 2017 my host family, Florian and I visited St. Louis. It’s a big city in the state Missouri. On Friday, we started our tour at 12:15 pm. We made a stop at Wendy’s and ate burger for lunch. At about 5:30 pm we arrived at our hotel which is called “Hilton”.

Since we finally had vacations, my host family went with me to Kentucky, to show me some amazing places. We arrived yesterday in our hotel, which is around 3 hours away from Alexandria.

Today we had another group activity. But this time it was optional. We went to the Indianapolis Zoo. We were lucky because today it was really warm and the sun was shining.

On Tuesday March 21, 2017 around 35 GAPP students went to laser tag! The whole group met in front of the school at 11:30 in the morning. Then we drove with a “typical American school bus” to the “x site” hall in Indianapolis. When we arrived at the hall we first had to sit down and got something to drink.