I spent the first week of springbreak with another host family which took me on a trip to New York and Washington DC.

Our last trip before we went back to school was a trip to Chicago with all students and host students.

During spring break my host family planned a trip to New York City. After an endless drive we went into a hotel in New Jersey where we got some rest.

My host family and I visited Michael in Connecticut. He is the oldest cousin of my host dad and I was really excited to meet him. The trip was around fourteen hours long. We only stopped for going to the restroom or getting some food for lunch or dinner.

My host family and I spent three days in St Louis and it was amazing. The day we arrived we checked into our hotel and our room was amazing. We had a suite in which Kate and I had a room for ourselves with our own bathroom attached. That same day we took a shuttle to the City Museum.

On Sunday March 26th 2017 I got up very early. While the others in the room still slept, I already went to the pool of our hotel. At eight o’clock only a few children were playing in the water and I went to the whirl pool. Afterwards I swam a few strokes and then I enjoyed the sauna for some minutes.

Happy birthday to you...! With our beautiful voices we (my host dad, host mum and me) came in the room of my host sister Angelina. Today it was her sweet 16th birthday! After the breakfast we took our friends and drove to Laser tag!

From the 24th to the 26th March 2017 my host family, Florian and I visited St. Louis. It’s a big city in the state Missouri. On Friday, we started our tour at 12:15 pm. We made a stop at Wendy’s and ate burger for lunch. At about 5:30 pm we arrived at our hotel which is called “Hilton”.

On Tuesday March 29, I changed back to my host family. I had to move to another family for 8 days because my host family went to Mexico for vacation.

Today we visited an elephant farm. It was really fun. My host student’s best friend Cassidy came with us. We watched a presentation about them first. One of the elephants could play the harmonica and another one waved with a red cloth.

Today we had another group activity. But this time it was optional. We went to the Indianapolis Zoo. We were lucky because today it was really warm and the sun was shining.