At 11:30 o'clock we struck off from the high school in Alexandria. We went with a typical American school bus to the X-site laser tag hall. We traveled around an hour and it was quite loud in the bus. After we arrived we went in and sat down at covered tables. We had a big choice of drinks which included Pepsi, Mountain Dew or orange juice. Only a few minutes later we went downstairs into a circular room. We watched a video showing us how to deal with the sensors or how to shoot.

Happy birthday to you...! With our beautiful voices we (my host dad, host mum and me) came in the room of my host sister Angelina. Today it was her sweet 16th birthday! After the breakfast we took our friends and drove to Laser tag!

Today we had the second lesson at the Intermediate school with the little children. We started with a revision from the first lesson: How I introduce myself. After that Marvin explained the German colours. They said it in a choir all together. At the beginning they had some problems with the spelling but after a while they were pretty good. We had some colourful cards, they helped the kids to understand. Then we gave them a worksheet and they had to fill it out. Everybody who was ready got a sweet. So the children hurried up to get a sweet. That was very funny. We taught them some German phrases, like: Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist ... . At last we talked about sports, but not deliberately. It was really funny.

We all are excited to see them again after spring break!

Julia Warlich

Today was a really long day for us. It started off by waking up and realizing that we had no power. We decided to get ready and to go to the church’s restroom when we arrived. I really liked church. The people were really nice and the sermon was more like a Ted-Talk to me. The topic was really interesting. It was about love and hate.

Today we went to the intermediate school to have our second German period with the 5th graders. It was a lot of fun to teach them German, because they were very motivated and did pretty well.

On Friday March 17, Angi, her host mom and sister as well as Jette and me, we went shopping after school. Firstly, we drove to a huge shop of cosmetics. Then we drove over to Muncie's mall. Angi's host mom Katherine said that it is a small mall, but for the first time shopping it was enough.

On Wednesday, March 15th we went to Indianapolis. At first we visited the capitol. After it we went to “Beef and Boards”. It is a dinner theatre. You could eat there and watch a play afterwards. We watched “Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat”. 

After 3rd period on Friday my host sister Cierra an I went to vocational school. Vocational school is another school where you can learn about technical skills that are needed for a specific job. Cierra chose the class “Judicial Justice”, in this class you learn about the job of a police man.

Today was a busy day. We met at 7:45 am in the school because a bus took us to Indianapolis. The ride took 75 minutes. When we were in the building, we sat in a big room with 8 statues. A woman was introducing them to us and then she showed us the rest of the building. The tour was interesting but also a bit boring, because it was like in a big museum tour. When we were in the big conference room, I liked the chairs with these you were able to drive through the room and lean back and lean back and relax. 

It's March 16. Today we had our second teaching class and it was the beginning of my teeth problems. To much sweet stuff for 4 days.

Today, we met at 7:45 am at school. Than we took our bus to Indianapolis. We arrived at the State Building in Indianapolis after probably an hour.