Today it’s our first day in the High School of Alexandria, but I want to write about our trip yesterday. Our trip to America started with the meeting at the airport in Berlin Tegel. The group came together for check-in at 7 o’clock. When we all had checked-in, we said goodbye to our family and our friends. At 9.25 our plane started in direction Chicago. Our flight took us nine hours from one continent to the other. 

Today was a nice day. It started with our first teaching at the intermediate school and a funny school day. But I don't want to focus to much on school day itself but more on the afternoon and night.

At 11:30 o'clock we struck off from the high school in Alexandria. We went with a typical American school bus to the X-site laser tag hall. We traveled around an hour and it was quite loud in the bus. After we arrived we went in and sat down at covered tables. We had a big choice of drinks which included Pepsi, Mountain Dew or orange juice. Only a few minutes later we went downstairs into a circular room. We watched a video showing us how to deal with the sensors or how to shoot.

It's March 16. Today we had our second teaching class and it was the beginning of my teeth problems. To much sweet stuff for 4 days.

Today was a really long day for us. It started off by waking up and realizing that we had no power. We decided to get ready and to go to the church’s restroom when we arrived. I really liked church. The people were really nice and the sermon was more like a Ted-Talk to me. The topic was really interesting. It was about love and hate.

My host family and I left for three days to a water park in spring break. The water park was like a “tropical island”. It was my first time in a water park like that and I liked it a lot because all guys are happy. On March 21 was my 17th birthday and I was very excited, because

On Friday March 17, Angi, her host mom and sister as well as Jette and me, we went shopping after school. Firstly, we drove to a huge shop of cosmetics. Then we drove over to Muncie's mall. Angi's host mom Katherine said that it is a small mall, but for the first time shopping it was enough.

Since we finally had vacations, my host family went with me to Kentucky, to show me some amazing places. We arrived yesterday in our hotel, which is around 3 hours away from Alexandria.

Our first teaching lesson was very good. Emily S. and I went into the classroom and we saw all the big eyes watching us. I was really nervous at this moment. Then Emily and I started our  lesson with a little introduction. After that the students made name signs, so we could remember what their names are. We told them the German alphabet and repeated it often. Emily and I requested them to spell their names in German. At the beginning the students were not so active, but when we repeated the German alphabet many times, they were motivated and we saw that they wanted to learn it and that they were really interested. The 5th grade, which we had to teach, they made also teamwork, because some of them were shy and we wanted to include everybody. When the lesson was over the students wanted that we „dab“ … so we did. We laughed together. It was fun!!

Angelina Ukrainzew

On Tuesday March 21, 2017 around 35 GAPP students went to laser tag! The whole group met in front of the school at 11:30 in the morning. Then we drove with a “typical American school bus” to the “x site” hall in Indianapolis. When we arrived at the hall we first had to sit down and got something to drink. 

Today we went to the intermediate school to have our second German period with the 5th graders. It was a lot of fun to teach them German, because they were very motivated and did pretty well.