Today was a nice day. It started with our first teaching at the intermediate school and a funny school day. But I don't want to focus to much on school day itself but more on the afternoon and night.

Our first teaching lesson was very good. Emily S. and I went into the classroom and we saw all the big eyes watching us. I was really nervous at this moment. Then Emily and I started our  lesson with a little introduction. After that the students made name signs, so we could remember what their names are. We told them the German alphabet and repeated it often. Emily and I requested them to spell their names in German. At the beginning the students were not so active, but when we repeated the German alphabet many times, they were motivated and we saw that they wanted to learn it and that they were really interested. The 5th grade, which we had to teach, they made also teamwork, because some of them were shy and we wanted to include everybody. When the lesson was over the students wanted that we „dab“ … so we did. We laughed together. It was fun!!

Angelina Ukrainzew

Today we had our first day in school in Alexandria, Indiana. We got to school by car within a few minutes. Walking into school I got a bit nervous. What would it be like? Could I find everything? Those and many more questions were going through my head.

Today is Tuesday and it was our first time teaching the little kids in the intermediate school. Before our trip to America, we had to prepare five lessons with things we want to teach them, for example we had to prepare worksheets. Also Mrs. Rohde told us we have to teach a 4th or a 5th grade class. We teach in groups of two or three and each lesson is 30 minutes long. 

Today it’s our first day in the High School of Alexandria, but I want to write about our trip yesterday. Our trip to America started with the meeting at the airport in Berlin Tegel. The group came together for check-in at 7 o’clock. When we all had checked-in, we said goodbye to our family and our friends. At 9.25 our plane started in direction Chicago. Our flight took us nine hours from one continent to the other. 

Today I woke up early. After having breakfast and waiting until it was 7 am we went to school. When we went in I saw some of the others. Then Brittany my host partner introduced me to a lot of people. After that we met in the library. There we got all important information and our t-shirts and diaries. Also we tried to open the lockers. Yeah we tried because only half of us could opened their lockers. For third period our partners taken us in class. First I had German class with five other Germans. It was very funny because Mrs. Withers the German teacher is happy all the time and she is a little bit crazy. 

our plane

For me, the trip to the U.S. started at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. Unexpectedly, I had miraculously managed to sleep well the night before, but still, under normal circumstances, that would not have been enough sleep. But these were no normal circumstances.