The last 4 weeks were awesome. We experienced a whole new world with new people. We started as strangers and now we’re a group of friends, family. And we wanted to end this wonderful time the right way, with a programm nobody will forget. 

Our time in America came to end – so, as we have done it every year, us Germans and our host families met to celebrate our farewell party. 

Since Serena (my hostsister) has always been talking about Tennessee as the most beautiful state I was pretty excited to see it myself. 

Those were the words that were said to me by the pitcher during my first baseball game from the Indianapolis Indians vs. Columbus Clippers. 

On the morning of April 1st, Easter Sunday, we left the house at 10 am to attend church in Muncie, like every Sunday morning. At this church there are doughnuts and fruits to eat before the service starts, which is an excelent motivation to go to church in the morning, I think! 

[/dropcap] On Saturday the son of our host-parents Pat and his wife Steffi who is from Germany left for their trip back. We were all pretty sad because the house was kind of more alive when they were there. [/dropcap]

For me, spring break was the best time I´ve had in America so far. I learned hundreds of new words, made new friends, saw beautiful landscapes und went to Chicago: just in two weeks. I could rave about the personal experiences I made during spring break forever, so I just will just write about two days I will probably never forget. 

A few weeks ago this weekend, the last weekend with our host family, seemed to be so far away, but now it is over, but nevertheless I had a great last weekend with them. 

Monday, April 2 wasn’t a special day at first but during the day some interesting things happened. First of all, it was the first day of school after spring break and that’s why everyone was very tired, but everything changed when lunch began..! 

On April 4th, we visited the Lucas Oil Stadium, which is the home of the Indianapolis Colts. 

In the morning my host sister Josi and I woke up in our hotel room and had McDonald‘s for breakfast. As Josi had her birthday on Thursday and her family spent the day with us in Chicago we weren’t in a hotel with the others.