Hip hop, hurray! (04/01)

Well, actually I woke up one hour earlier so I worked on a video about our trip while Francesca was still sleeping. I guess, she would have slept longer but then Mrs Mock, one of the teachers we were staying with for that weekend, came in and started baking. So we decided to get up too. Okay, we needed longer to get up but the idea was already there.

Afterwards we had breakfast with Mrs Rohde and Mrs Mock and I can tell: I actually haven’t eaten that much for breakfast but I was so full! So unfortunately I couldn’t eat the TWO hard boiled eggs that were standing on the table. (I mean who has two eggs for breakfast!) Somehow we just started talking about Disney movies and as the people who know me can tell: I love them! And when we recognized that Francesca knows nearly no Disney movie, we decided to watch one of them after we finished eating. We tried to watch several ones but somehow they didn’t work. So we ended up watching “The Lego Movie.” It was so cool! I am probably too old for these movies but I love them and I hope I will still be able to enjoy them when I am 30 years old.

At about 2 pm we went to some relatives of Mrs Mock for Easter dinner. When we arrived I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know them and I wasn’t sure how to behave or what to do. So first I was very quiet and didn’t say that much. But then the woman who lives there asked us to play a game and so we did. It was actually a pretty funny game. And so simple! You only need a ring tied at a cord and a hock that is fixed at the wall. The goal was to make the ring being stuck onto the hock by swinging it. It was pretty cool.

Then it was time for dinner. They had many different things like mashed potatoes, green beans, ham and so on. It was very delicious! And the rolls of Mrs Mock were also a real feaster for the palate! I think I ate like 3 of them…

After dinner we had an egg hunting for the small girls in the family. And they also made some little Easter baskets for us too! They were so sweet! Especially the bucket was so cute!

Afterwards we had some pie. I think two of them were self-made. I tried both. One of them was with chocolate. Maybe a bit too much chocolate for me but nevertheless it was delicious.

In the evening Mrs Rohde took us back to our host-parents who just returned from their trip to Tennessee. We showed them the pictures from Chicago, talked a lot and ate some pizza. It was definitely the most unique Easter I’ve ever had and maybe also one of the coolest.

Antonia Koch