It’s a trap!

And I knew that girls vs boys was a stupid idea. Especially if it’s 10 vs 30. Laser tag (20.03.) was great. And it was just one day out of two whole weeks of free time in the US. And that was a great time, I can tell. One of my daily habits was wrestling with Chase and Zach. Did you know, that Americans can drive in Indiana on their own with 16 (+3 Months ) ? I’m so jealous. But driving with 100+ and loud rap was a lot of fun. Just kidding, we always drove 10 miles less than the speed limit allowed us to.

I always thought Zip Line in the US must be boring as hell and drinking Mtn Dew in the meanwhile would be a bad idea... „South Park“ taught me well. Or not ? Lee ann and Scott taught me something different. Zip Line in the „mega cave“ (22.03) was awesome. Oh and did I already mention it is the only zip line underground? In the World ?!? How awesome is that? Seems like Cartman isn’t always right.

We finished our holidays with an awesome trip to Chicago(29-31/03). I’ve beaten my fear of heights. Even though we had to wait for over an hour before we could go up to the top of the „Willis Tower“. But it was totally worth it! The view was amazing.. We witnessed a wonderful sunset above Chicago.

These two weeks, have been very important to me and my future life. When you travel, that’s not staying in an all-in-clusive Hotel in Mallorca, you open the gates to a whole new world. You will meet new people, new places and develop new mindsets. And that’s an opportunity,which  nobody should miss. And always remember ! Always look on the bright side of life !

Felix Zimmermann