One day under water - The Shedd Aquarium (3/31/18)

At the end of the drive, Miss Mock gave us some useful tips about which is interesting to see. She also explained to us that we will not have enough time to see everything. Then we went in and the adventure started. We went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago near the Lake Michigan. It was for some time the largest indoor aquarium of the world. Now, it is the home of about 32,000 animals. There are different areas in the aquarium where you can see different groups of animals. One part for example is the Wild Reef. We had time to walk on our own in the aquarium for about 2 hours. My partner and I went first to the “Pritzker Caribbean Reef” and watched all the beautiful animals. This first impression was amazing! Then we went to the “Wild Reef”, the “Abbott Oceanarium” and some other areas. We saw a lot different and crazy animals but also some “normal” animals like sharks, turtles, sea stars, sea lions and sea horses. At 11:15 am we met at the aquatic show where we watched a show with dolphins, sea lions, penguins and beluga whales. I loved the tricks of the animals that they showed while a man told us interesting facts and what the different parts of the animal are called. That was a pretty good show! Afterwards, we went to the “4-D Experience” area where we watched a short movie about sea creatures. During the movie, water splashed in our faces, soap bubbles came down, and it was windy. Then our group left the aquarium and we drove by bus a few minutes and took pictures of the skyline. Afterwards, we drove to Walgreens and bought some souvenirs . After this long day, we drove home by bus for a few hours. I think everyone liked the trip and we will never forget this amazing experience!

Vanessa Hothmer