Today we decided to spend the day in Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne is the second-most populous city in Indiana after Indianapolis. It’s an one hour drive from Alexandria. 

It was already 7:30, on March 26th, when I realized that the Lock-In in church would be today. Actually, I did not know what “Lock-In” meant beside the fact that we would sleep in the church. 

My day started at 8:00 am. After I had breakfast with Antonia and my host father Dan; Judy, Dan, Antonia and I drove to Indianapolis, more detailed: to the Circle Center Mall.

A Reeses peanut butter chocolate cheesecake, that is how my Saturday ended. It started with me being tired though. 

If someone said my name for a whole game it would make me very angry. Although I was one of those shouting with others, I enjoyed it. But this hockey goalie demonstrated mental strength by ignoring it all. 

“Are you up Lukas? It is already 7:30 AM!” (…) “LLiam? Wake up!” That’s how my morning started. My host-brother and I overslept one and a half hour.

We went to Oklahoma on March 18th to visit the family of my host family. On the way back on March 21, we stopped in St. Louis, Missouri for one night.

It’s spring break in America and Kate and I had to wake up at 6 in the morning. It was hard to get out of bed but the thought that we would go to universal studios today made it a lot easier! 

This Wednesday (20.3.2018) started very relaxed. I got up at 9am and prepared myself some breakfast. 

Saturday, March 24: Yesterday, my host family, Jolanda and I arrived in Kentucky. We checked-in at the hotel “Wildwood Inn”.

After an unsuccessful search for diamonds and a warm day at the crystal mines (Jasmin wrote a blog entry about the diamond mines, go check it out!) we continued our little road trip to a wonderful house surrounded by waterfalls, brooks and rooks.