The last days my host family and I were in Tennessee, which is another state in the US. At the departure day we woke up at 5 a.m. and I was so tired that I slept a lot in the car. 

Since Serena (my hostsister) has always been talking about Tennessee as the most beautiful state I was pretty excited to see it myself. 

Friday March 16th was our last day of school. It was time for Spring Break and as cool as the Alexandria Monroe High School is, I wasn't too sad about having two weeks off. 

On the 19th of March my host mother took me to her work. I had to get up as early as in school time to drive with her to the pet clinic. 

On my first day of break my whole family went to Indianapolis. There my host parents participated at the beer run where they basically ran or walked and along their way they had several stops to have a small beer. 

We decided to go shopping this day because Angela was going to work and she took us to the Glenbrook mall on her way.

Today after our homeroom lesson we went to the intermediate school for the second time of teaching the children. 

Our vacation started on Saturday 17 at 5:30 am. Debbie (host mother) said to us we have to hurry up because she didn't want to arrive late. 

My 16 March started with waking up at 6:40 am. I had to force myself standing up.

On the first day of spring break my host sister had volleyball practice and I went with her.

Today, March 14 (Happy Birthday to Felix again!), we went to Indianapolis, planned were a State House Tour and the Beef and Boards Dinner Theater.