The first understandable sermon in my life

My host brother and me drove about 15mins with the car, a ride with a lot of singing to loud music as always. I would never have thought, that that would be a church when I saw the building. The first positive thing about that morning was the tea and coffee we were able to get there for free.. and all the people in the big, modern room with a huge stage infront, who had an bright smile on their faces. We sat down and „the show“ began.

A group of people, from young to old, walked onto the stage and started to play songs about god, sticking together and forgiving and I promise, those songs were really, really good. We, the community, got up and everyone sang to the music, with the help of the lyrics on two TV’s at the upper corners and an angel of singer on the stage. I mean it, she was absolutely „wonderbar“, like my host brother would say.

There was one women in the first row, I could watch her from behind, who danced with all her soul. She was so emotional & it looked as if all her heart was involved in that dancing.

The second big part of the worship was the sermon from a young women. The actual pastor was in England at that time, so he couldn’t give the sermon. I can only tell you, that that sermon has been one of the most enlightening sermons I’ve heard in my life. I was surprised that I understood almost everything of what she said. She was emotional, funny & serious at the same time. I really learned something during that worship and my attention was there all the time. I definitely want to go there the next Sundays too. I felt welcome, I felt like being in a family. It was so different from worships in Germany. I wish in Germany there would be some churches which are similar to those in America.


Lumi Quandt