Toothpaste for dessert

Kiah (my exchange student) and I are really interested in different kinds of food and (like almost everyone) we really enjoy eating,so me and the people, who sat around our table went multiple times to the buffet.

When we reached the dessert bar, we saw an interesting looking dessert. It had a very muddy  colour but other then that it looked like a mousse.

So we just took it, but as soon as we reached our table Ms. Mock came to us and said: “ You do know that this is toothpaste right?”

We were all like no it is not, but she kept convincing us that it would be something for bad breath smell and I do not know how she did it, but at the end of the dinner we ( and even the people around us) believed it.

At the end it was (of course) just a normal dessert,but I still think it tasted like mint though.

After that we drove, in a typical american school bus, to a shopping center called “muncie mall”. It was very big compared to the malls in germany, so I was really looking forward to go shopping there. Something I noticed was that the workers in the stores were nicer then the german ones and a lot of brands (Converse, Vans) were less expensive.

At 8:30 we went back to Alexandria.

Yours Anna