Trip to the Statehouse

To the Statehouse, of course. The destination of our first American field trip. Located in the middle of Indianapolis, it gives all three branches of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial, a housing since 1816. And not just mere housing. The Statehouse is as big as a temple, and as beautiful as one too. After a pretty good tour through all the aspects of the American government we got in the bus again, with a new destination in mind. We went to the Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre. That is a mixture of a restaurant and a stage for musicals and plays. The highlight of the afternoon were definitely the potato wedges, and the wonderful songs and dances. We watched the musical “Grease”, which was focused around teenagers in the year of 59, and how they were dealing with love and their friends. It was really fun to watch, but the second part got a little confusing. But I think everybody had a good time. After that, we took the bus home, and thus ended our first American field trip. 


Ivo Hansen