Our trip to the Indiana State House

We got to the State House after a one and a half hour bus ride on a typical American school bus. The State House is the building of the Indiana government and consists of three departments. The three different departments are the three branches of government: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The State House was build from 1878 to 1888 and costed around two million Dollars. The building was build this late because Indiana is only a State since 1860. It’s the 19th State that has joined the USA which is also shown by the 19 stars on the flag of Indiana.

The State House was build out of Indiana limestone which was also used for the Empire State Building in New York. The floor is made of marble which has fossils in it and the ceiling consists of stained glass. When you enter the building you can see eight statues which represent values that are important for a state such as justice, liberty, agriculture and law. The State House has the Supreme Court and a vault in it. There are also some phone booths in the building which you can use for 35 cents.

We also found out that the citizens and their senators have a closer relationship than we have in Germany because the senators also work in the districts that they represent. Our guide told us a cool story about the State insect of Indiana. One day a little girl in second grade realised that Indiana had no State insect so she wrote an email to the senator representing her district. In this email she asked why Indiana has no State insect. Three years later, when the girl was in 5th grade, they finally decided on a State insect. Since then the Firefly is the official State insect of Indiana. I just found the story quite interesting because this little girl had so much impact and she was only in second grade.

Later we went to the Beef and Boards Dinner Theater. I really enjoyed our trip to Indianapolis.


Nina Weißkopf