The first weekend with my host family

The weekend was quite different in comparison to my “normal” weekends in Germany. Angel, my host mom, asked me the day before, if I was religious. I am atheist, so I told her that I am not. My host family is Catholic and goes to Church every Saturday or Sunday and on special events (Christmas, Easter, Good Friday etc.). So I decided to go with them to experience American worship service. As it turned out, worship in Indiana is different than in Germany, at least how I can evaluate that. So we went to the “Summitville Wesleyan Holiness Church”. Worship started at 10:30 am. At the beginning two women were singing to the sound of a piano. It was awesome. Then the priest began greeting everybody in the Church and remembering all the people that were not able to attend worship. A few minutes earlier we met a friend of my host family to whom I introduced myself as the German exchange partner of Olivia. During the greeting of the priest he was so nice to get me an extra-greeting. So it seemed as if almost everybody turned around and looked at me, but later even his wife came to me to tell me that it was “so nice to have me there”. It was a little bit awkward and kinda embarrassing, but it was still very nice. The main topic was “being good’. So being good to other people, treating them well and I guess it was also about love one another. The priest was talking with so much enthusiasm and ardor, it was amazing. At noon we got back home, and I finally ate breakfast.  Then I unpacked the rest of my luggage. In the meantime the younger brother (Dakota) of my exchange partner asked me if I wanted to play CLUE with him. So we started preparing the game while Olivia’s siblings joined us. She has an 18-year-old sister (Sierra) who goes to college and a younger sister (Marissa). It was very confusing because they kind of made up new rules, and I have never played this game before, but it was still very funny. Then we played UNO and had dinner (mashed potatoes with chicken). Time passed quickly and I went to bed very early. I was still tired because the day before I was awake for 22 hours, and I slept for almost six hours.

The day was a very good chance to get to know my host family more and experience a bit of their culture and daily life.


Amelie Papenfuß